Submitted by Susan on 01/08/2017

Our son Michael died from suicide at age 26 in March 2015. When I read Pete’s obituary in the Los Angeles Times, I cried and cried. Michael, too, was a brilliant young man whose passion was in the culinary world. He attended culinary school, worked as a server in Michelin starred restaurants, and had passed two levels of the sommelier exam. He had demons with him that we never totally understood. He was fastidious about his physical health, but despite many years of contact with mental health professionals and two years away in a residential treatment school during high school, he could not talk about the demons that I know plagued him for years. I am a physician, recently retired, and my hope is to do work in the medical community to raise awareness about risk factors for suicide, resources for those who can be identified at risk and for significant others who have been devastated by a loss.  Thank you for acting so quickly in working to help.

Michael’s Journey