Submitted by Linda on 12/21/2016

Any family is fortunate if they are willing to deal with a tragedy like suicide openly and bravely. Sadly, my father never believed his son would do such a thing and was in denial despite the coroner’s conclusive report that nobody could accidentally take 36-40 pills. He believed it was an accidental suicide, and therefore, we never talked about what happened.

We had to stuff down this family tragedy for 16 years until my father passed away this year. Now with the sudden passing of my other brother in October, I wonder If we will ever bring it out of the closet, or if it would do more harm than good at this point. How much more can my mother take? I admire any parents with the courage to lead their family through what is, surely, the most horrific experience a family is (suddenly) forced to share. We were never able to do that as a family and were all left to heal on our own—still are.

Take heart that your family, because of their wisdom, can grieve as one and begin the healing process.