Submitted by Anonymous on 12/21/2016

When people say, I can’t imagine that, I can’t imagine ever being in a place where suicide is the only option. I can.  Because I’ve bee there.  The majority of people will never feel that, and therefore, can never understand it.

Depression is equal opportunity. It doesn’t care who you are. It isn’t always the kid who wears black, who’s anti-social. So many with depression are the opposite of stereotype, they’re popular, smart, social, well adjusted. The last one you would think.

Because depression is a silent disease. And it is a disease, just like me diabetes, or hypertension. But it’s often felt as shameful, hidden. And for those of you judge others for missing the signs, it’s often impossible for anyone to see them. To live with this disease, many have no idea how good a person becomes at hiding it. It’s years of perfecting a smile, and “I’m fine.” And it’s likely very convincing.

Yes, I’ve been there. And what you’re left with is, what could I have done,  how could I have stopped it. Nothing, and you couldn’t have. We hang in for  so long as to not hurt the people around us. To cause them pain. It’s not selfish, it’s simply the only answer seen.