Submitted by Susan on 12/21/2016

To the Jones Family,

I have read of your insufferable loss in your local paper and I felt compelled to support your new endeavor as well as share our family story.

Your Pete and our Carolyn were kindred spirits in so many ways. Carolyn died from suicide October 30, 2013.
She suffered from mental illness including depression and anxiety. And Like Pete she was so sweet and so smart in school, attaining a BA from Rollins College cum laude, and been accepted to a master’s program in California and U of L.

Amazingly, Carolyn was also an identical twin. Her sister Catherine has a loss unknown even to me as a parent, so my heart aches again for your Matt.

Also, like your family has decided, we kept Carolyn home at our house and welcomed all who wanted to pay their respects here. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I admire your strength and forbearance and I would like to contribute to the Pete foundation, whose mission is critical. While I am skeptical depression can be eliminated, I am sure the stigma associated with it can be.

My heart feels for your family now, and my prayers for your healing are with you. Your family will be your greatest source going forward, as going forward is the only way.